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Urtea Filma Pertsonaia
1937 Hollywood Hotel Starlet
1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
The Sisters Telefonista
Girls on Probation Gloria Adams
Comet Over Broadway Aktore amateurra
Campus Cinderella Co-Ed
1939 Beau Geste Isobel Rivers
Our Leading Citizen Judith Schofield
$1000 a Touchdown Betty McGlen
1941 Adam Had Four Sons Hester Stoddard
Sis Hopkins Carol Hopkins
Among the Living Millie Pickens
1942 Reap the Wild Wind Drusilla Alston
The Forest Rangers Tana 'Butch' Mason
I Married a Witch Estelle Masterson
Star Spangled Rhythm Bera
A Letter from Bataan Mrs. Mary Lewis
1943 Young and Willing Kate Benson
Hit Parade of 1943 Jill Wright
Jack London Charmian Kittredge
1944 The Fighting Seabees Constance Chesley
The Hairy Ape Mildred Douglas
And Now Tomorrow Janice Blair
Skirmish on the Home Front Molly Miller
1946 Deadline at Dawn June Goth
Canyon Passage Lucy Overmire
1947 Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman Angelica 'Angie'/'Angel' Evans Conway
They Won't Believe Me Verna Carlson
The Lost Moment Tina Bordereau
1948 Tap Roots Morna Dabney
The Saxon Charm Janet Busch
1949 Tulsa Cherokee Lansing
House of Strangers Irene Bennett
My Foolish Heart Eloise Winters
1951 Screen Snapshots: Hopalong in Hoppy Land Bera
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Mary Elizabeth Eden Thompson
Rawhide Vinnie Holt
I Can Get It for You Wholesale Harriet Boyd
David and Bathsheba Bathsheba
1952 With a Song in My Heart Jane Froman
The Snows of Kilimanjaro Helen
The Lusty Men Louise Merritt
1953 The President's Lady Rachel Donaldson
White Witch Doctor Ellen Burton
1954 Demetrius and the Gladiators Messalina
Garden of Evil Leah Fuller
1955 Untamed Katie O'Neill (Kildare) (Van Riebeck)
Soldier of Fortune Mrs. Jane Hoyt
I'll Cry Tomorrow Lillian Roth
1956 The Conqueror Bortai
1957 Top Secret Affair Dorothy 'Dottie' Peale
1958 I Want to Live! Barbara Graham
1959 Thunder in the Sun Gabrielle Dauphin
Woman Obsessed Mary Sharron
1961 The Marriage-Go-Round Content Delville
Ada Ada Gillis
Back Street Rae Smith
1962 I Thank a Fool Christine Allison
1963 Stolen Hours Laura Pember
1964 Where Love Has Gone Valerie Hayden Miller
1967 The Honey Pot Mrs. Sheridan
Valley of the Dolls Helen Lawson
Think Twentieth Bera
1972 The Revengers Elizabeth Reilly


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