Ongi etorri, Danmichaelo, euskarazko Wikipediara!

Hau zure eztabaida orria da, beste wikilarien mezuak jasotzeko balioko dizuna. Gainera, lankide orria ere baduzu; nahi izanez gero, hor jar ditzakezu zeure datuak, interesak, hitz egiten dituzun hizkuntzak... (zeure lankide orria egiteko informazioa nahi baduzu, ikus orrialde hau). Nahi baduzu ere zure proba orrian idazten has zaitezke.

Lagungarriak izan daitezkeen loturak

Wikipedian laguntzeko modu ugari daude. Horietako batzuk Wikipedian nola lagundu dezakezun argitzen duen orrian bildu ditugu.

Artikulu jakin batez ohar edo iradokizunen bat egiteko, artikulu horren eztabaida orrian idatz dezakezu. Wikipediari buruzko galdera, ohar edo iradokizun orokorra baldin bada, berriz, Wikipediako Txokoa duzu horretarako toki egokiena. Eta hainbat Wikiproiektu ditugu, gai jakin batzuetan parte hartzen lagunduko dizutenak.

Wikilari jakin bati idazteko edo erantzuteko, haren eztabaida orrian idatzi beharko duzu. Bestela, ez zaio mezu bat duela jakinarazteko oharra azalduko, eta agian ez da konturatuko idatzi diozula. Eztabaida orriaren goialdean «Gehitu atala» lotura aurkituko duzu. Hor klik eginez, mezua sortzeko aukera izango duzu. Mesedez, ez zaitez ahaztu mezuaren bukaeran zure erabiltzaile sinadura edo zigilua ezartzeaz; bestela, ezingo dugu jakin nork idatzi duen, nori erantzun behar diogun.

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Hello then here! I found this issue: the year of the last update is written as "Y" (Y abendua 30), and it would be something like... %Y maybe? -Theklan ·   ·   17:06, 30 abendua 2017 (UTC)

✓ Fixed. Btw. the translation file can be found here for reference: Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:27, 30 abendua 2017 (UTC)

It seems that images are not being counted if they have Fitxategi: instead of File: in their code. -Theklan ·   ·   14:06, 3 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

✓ Fixed. You'r right, I had a hard-coded list of namespace prefixes. Changed it now to lookup the name and aliases in the site config instead, Fitxategi|File|Image|Irudi in your case. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:42, 3 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

I have seen that in suomi and norsk contests it creates a graph with the users contributions. I can't see where this graph is in the code, but it's a cool feature we don't have in our contests. Is it very difficult to implement it? -Theklan ·   ·   00:09, 6 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

Here you go: File:Lehiaketak 2018-01.svg. I think the labels will be correctly localized in the next update. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 13:27, 7 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)
Great! I just inserted it in the template, below the status. I think that it will be updated automatically without problems there, isn't it? -Theklan ·   ·   18:22, 7 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)
Correct, it should update every night. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:05, 7 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)
Well... it didn't! ;) Theklan ·   ·   12:28, 9 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)
Haha, I forgot to actually activate the scheduling. Oh well, one step at a time we'll get there :D Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:04, 9 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

Two criteriaAldatu

Hello! I want to put two criteria for the february competition: 1- a list of articles and 2- any article inside one subcategory. I did it here but I want to know if they are treated as independent criteria or having two filters make BOTH of them mandatory. -Theklan ·   ·   23:47, 14 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

They are independent, that is, the bot will include any contribution that fulfills ANY of the criteria. With the exception of the namespace criterion, which if used, has to be fulfilled for all contributions. It might be a good idea to document this – on Norwegian Wikipedia we have Hjelp:Arrangere Ukens konkurranse to help contest organizers. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 11:36, 15 urtarrila 2018 (UTC)

New monthAldatu

Hello! I was wondering how the month change would be and I'm happy to see that it closed the month before perfectly. But the new one hasn't started, so maybe we have to do something or maybe you have to do it. Give me some insights on this, please. And thank you, UKBot works great! -Theklan ·   ·   07:26, 1 otsaila 2018 (UTC)

Good to hear! There was a small bug preventing it from start automatically. Fixed it now. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:06, 1 otsaila 2018 (UTC)
Also, note that you need to add <!-- Begin:ResultsSection --><!-- End:ResultsSection --> to each contest, so the bot knows where to put results. I did it for Feb now. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:19, 1 otsaila 2018 (UTC)
Thanks! -Theklan ·   ·   21:21, 1 otsaila 2018 (UTC)

Kolonner (Multicol)Aldatu

I have copied the exact code of your Kolonner template, and added the CSS code to common.css... but the columns are not appearing. Do you know why it could be? Thanks! -Theklan ·   ·   17:12, 2 otsaila 2018 (UTC)

The template needs both css (diff) and js (diff). It's a little bit dated in that sense – If it was made today, it would rather use the new grid-auto-columns css property. But it still works fine. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:34, 2 otsaila 2018 (UTC)
I now see that it has been updated a bit since then, so the diff I linked to isn't the latest version, but you find the current version in our no:MediaWiki:Common.js if you're interested. If you're a bit familiar with css, I would recommend looking into grid-auto-columns as an alternative though. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:41, 2 otsaila 2018 (UTC)
I will copy your code and let's see if it works! -Theklan ·   ·   00:25, 4 otsaila 2018 (UTC)

Marking as invalidAldatu

Hello Danmichaelo! Is there a way to mark an edition as invalid? For example, if someone copies the same code two times, saves and then deletes one of them, it counts as the double of points. -Theklan ·   ·   17:44, 27 otsaila 2018 (UTC)

Yes, if you translate the en:Template:UKB point deduction template. There is also a template to manually add points (no:Mal:UK poeng). If you translate one of them, or both, I can add them to the configuration! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 22:29, 28 otsaila 2018 (UTC)
Hello! I've translated it ({{UKB puntuak kentzea}}, and added it in Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2018/03, but can't see it working. What did I miss? -Theklan ·   ·   22:11, 4 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
Had to configure it to use your new template ("UKB puntuak kentzea"). Did that now, so it might work in the next update. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 22:56, 4 martxoa 2018 (UTC)

Using Wikibooks link for criteriaAldatu

Hello again! I'm making the list for the April contest and I'm thinking about using a list here and another one in Basque Wikibooks. Is it possible to count pages there? -Theklan ·   ·   17:06, 12 martxoa 2018 (UTC)

@Theklan: Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Yes, it's possible to count pages on Basque Wikibooks. I need to configure it, but it's just a matter of adding one line to the configuration file. On the other hand, support for reading a list from another site (like Basque Wikibooks) is not that straightforward. The easiest is if you can include the links to Basque Wikipedia in a list here at Basque Wikipedia. If that is very impractical, let me know, and I can investigate other options. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:22, 23 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
The idea would be tracking a category in Basque Wikibooks, so users can write recipes in a cookbook there. -Theklan ·   ·   08:54, 24 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
@Theklan: I think that should work! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 16:31, 28 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
Great! how should I point in the criteria to a Page or a Category in Wikibooks? Theklan ·   ·   14:51, 30 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
Try using the b: prefix. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 19:41, 30 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
Note that it won't work tomorrow morning, but I'll push an update at some point during the day. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:50, 31 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
Thanks! I don't even think someone is going to start writing there, but well, who knows! -Theklan ·   ·   21:51, 31 martxoa 2018 (UTC)

It seems that failed! -Theklan ·   ·   20:15, 1 apirila 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I ended up doing a bit more refactoring while in the zone. It'll be back soon :) Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:56, 1 apirila 2018 (UTC)
Ok, think we're getting somewhere :) Note that the <!-- End:ResultsSection --> must also be included on the contest page,[1] since the both looks for the "Start:ResultsSection" and "End:ResultsSection" markers and inserts the results between those. I'm still not 100 % sure wikibooks contributions will be counted – I think they will – but would be good if you could do a test edit so we could see if it does. Also, I added a Wikidata SPARQL filter. You might want to translate the messages. Also, let me know if you want a localized parameter name for "query"[2]. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:54, 1 apirila 2018 (UTC)

Fatal error: everyone is now 0 pointsAldatu

hello! It seems that everyone is now 0 points. Theklan ·   ·   14:06, 30 martxoa 2018 (UTC)

Ouch! Looking into it now. Btw. all points will return once it's back in normal state. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 17:38, 30 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
It was actually a surprise problem related to the addition of, sorted out now! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 18:04, 30 martxoa 2018 (UTC)
That was my first thought, as your last comment and the problem seems to happen simultaneously.

Invalid word countAldatu

Hello again! It seems that in the article Elikadura-piramide Assar has made around 1.000 words (998 with my word count) but the bot is only counting 166 words. Maybe the problem is because he inserted a table? -Theklan ·   ·   11:08, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)

Correct, the word counting does not include text inside tables, templates, etc. Tables and templates are already quite lucrative when it comes to the byte count, so I made it that way to provide a way to reward plain text writing. Btw. you can actually check what the bot counts as words on this page: Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 17:32, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)
But now there is a table there and the word count is correct... -Theklan ·   ·   20:20, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)
I don't understand. What do you consider correct/incorrect? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:09, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)
When I wrote, the count was 166. After this change it counted the words again and says 989 words, which is correct. -Theklan ·   ·   21:16, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)
Thanks, now I see. It's dropping everything after the table. The problem is the <'s being interpreted as starting a html tag.. I'll try to fix that. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:34, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)
Applied a fix now that should handle most < cases I think. A bit surprising this problem hasn't been noticed before, but good that it was noticed at last! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 22:19, 4 apirila 2018 (UTC)

Bot not workingAldatu

Hello Danmichaelo! May contest is not working... maybe is stuck somewhere! -Theklan ·   ·   19:57, 2 maiatza 2018 (UTC)

Contest missed the <!-- End:ResultsSection --> tag. Btw. you can also check the status of the bot at . Press the text below the "Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak" to see the log from the last run. Sometimes there is an easy-to-understand error message at the bottom of the log. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:26, 2 maiatza 2018 (UTC)

Tracking also Txikipedia namespaceAldatu

Hello! This two months we will be tracking 300 articles in the main namespace and in Txikipedia namespace. I have seen that this second one is not being tracked, despite it appears as a link in the contest page. Can it be fixed? Thanks! -Theklan ·   ·   12:22, 1 uztaila 2018 (UTC)

@Theklan: Hm, do you have an example of Txikipedia page that should have been counted in the contest? Just makes it easier for me to test. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 15:33, 1 uztaila 2018 (UTC)
Yes, for example Txikipedia:Amsterdam. -Theklan ·   ·   16:08, 2 uztaila 2018 (UTC)
There was actually a namespace filter in the backlink filter – I had completely forgotten about that, it probably originated from before there was a separate namespace filter. At least, I removed it now, and it seems to work! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 22:28, 3 uztaila 2018 (UTC)
Thanks!!!!!!!-Theklan ·   ·   22:29, 3 uztaila 2018 (UTC)

Bot stopped with the blackout?Aldatu

I think the bot stopped working with our one day blackout.-Theklan ·   ·   13:50, 5 uztaila 2018 (UTC)

Sorry, didn't notice this problem before now, being on a family visit :) Did a change to better handle deleted articles, but it didn't behave as expected on multi-wiki contests and also caused the Norwegian contest to crash. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 10:48, 7 uztaila 2018 (UTC)

Bot stopped woking since August 1stAldatu

Hello! The bot is not updating the contest since August 1st. I think that it doesn't understand the double month contest. -Theklan ·   ·   14:30, 3 abuztua 2018 (UTC)

Ah, yes, it failed with this error "Page does not exist: Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2018/08". So the trick is to create a redirect page (I just did that). Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 18:23, 3 abuztua 2018 (UTC)

UKBot can't find a category in TxikipediaAldatu

It seems that UKBot can't find Kategoria:Txikipedia:Gizateriaren_Ondarea category! -Theklan ·   ·   19:03, 2 iraila 2018 (UTC)

Hah, I didn't account for something like that I guess :) Fixing it was easy though. Listened to the thrilling song in the video, perhaps it helped :D Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:33, 2 iraila 2018 (UTC)

UKBot updateAldatu

@Theklan: Hi, I've been tidying up the ukbot criteria handling code, and I made a small change to how the "new" and "existing" criteria are combined with other criteria. See en:Template:UKB_criterion/doc#Combining_multiple_criteria. Please check if the local documentation needs to be updated. Internally, the bot can now also handle arbitrary combinations of criteria, but I haven't yet made a template syntax for it. Let me know if this is something you would like to see added. Also, I fixed the "new" criterion to award points to all contributions to new articles created during the context, no matter who created them. This was always the intention of this criterion, but previously it was implemented in such a way that only the article creator got points. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:45, 25 azaroa 2018 (UTC)

Thanks Danmichaelo! I don't know if I would need to change something in our current contest system, as I don't understand the core of the change you have made. There's something that would be great to have in the contests: different bonus systems for the same measure. For example, 100 points for adding 1.000 words and 1.000 points for adding 5.000 words. So people would have two break points for writing extense articles. -Theklan ·   ·   20:48, 25 azaroa 2018 (UTC)
The core change is that the "new" and "existing" criteria now are more useful, since they can be combined with other criteria in a way that makes sense. In the past, if you combined "new" with "category", the contest would include all new articles AND all articles matching the category criterion. Now it includes all new articles that also match the category criterion.
Different bonus systems for the same measure sounds easy to add, I'll see if I can fix that! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 20:54, 25 azaroa 2018 (UTC)

Running two simultaneous contestsAldatu

Hello! Would it be possible to run two simultaneous contests? Let's say we want to make the monthly contest normally, but one contest would be running for three months at the same time new contests are made. So we would have the april contest running till july, but there'll be may, june and july contests also. -Theklan ·   ·   09:41, 17 abendua 2018 (UTC)

That should work, but I might have to make a change to the configuration, so let me know in advance when you have the contest pages ready so I can check. Also note that I haven't tested the bot with contests that lasts for more than one month. If you attract a large number of contributions, you may run into the 2 MB page size limit for the contest page. There could also be other unforeseen problems, but feel free to try. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 16:45, 17 abendua 2018 (UTC)
Unforeseen problems, my speciality! Thanks!-Theklan ·   ·   16:53, 17 abendua 2018 (UTC)

{{UKB puntuak kentzea}} not workingAldatu

We're getting a message about not being able to find the user, that actually exists and is being found for giving points.-Theklan ·   ·   23:28, 22 abendua 2018 (UTC)

The problem was a left-to-right mark that was included in the username.[3] I could probably make the bot a little bit more resilient to invisible characters like this. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 10:32, 24 abendua 2018 (UTC)

Two simultaneous contestsAldatu

Hello! Tomorrown May contest will start, but we will be running the April contest till July 14th. Thanks! -Theklan ·   ·   14:06, 30 apirila 2019 (UTC)

Ok, it doesn't work straight out of the box, but I will fix it during today or tomorrow. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 03:41, 1 maiatza 2019 (UTC)
Seems to work fine now. But it's a little unclear what to do with WP:L and Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak. For now, the bot just skips updating these whenever more than one contest is active, to avoid updating these pages twice every time it runs :) But I could also have it link to whatever contest started most recently, that's perhaps better? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 05:24, 2 maiatza 2019 (UTC)
The best idea would be linking it to the most recent one. -Theklan ·   ·   22:04, 3 maiatza 2019 (UTC)

Would it be possible...Aldatu

Hello Danmichaelo. We are organizing the WikiLovesMonuments contest and I wonder if it would be possible to track a big bunch of items that share the same Q at Wikidata and give points if people uploads photos related to them, creates a Commons Category or writes about it at Wikipedia. I would like to track a group of IDs, for example the changes made at eraikitako euskal ondare nabaria (Q65553409) items. Thanks!-  Theklan ·   ·   11:48, 18 abuztua 2019 (CEST)

Hi! Do you think it can be defined in terms of one or more SPARQL queries? Something like this one? Ukbot currently only counts contributions to Wikpedia articles sitelinked to those items, but I could look into options for including Commons. Then we need to define what it means that a Commons contribution is related to a Wikidata items. Perhaps starting with images linked with and perhaps any images uploaded to the category. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 14:32, 18 abuztua 2019 (CEST)
Hello, the perfect query would be this:
SELECT DISTINCT ?item ?itemLabel WHERE {
  ?item ((wdt:P131*)/^wdt:P527) wd:Q47588;
    wdt:P1435 _:b3.
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
We can define if someone adds a Commons category or an image when it was missing on Wikidata or if someone makes an article on Basque Wikipedia with the usual point rules. -  Theklan ·   ·   20:57, 19 abuztua 2019 (CEST)
That seems like a perfect query, yes! So what ukbot currently does if you add this to {{UKB irizpide|sparql|query=}} is that it carries out the following query:

  ?item wdt:P131*/^wdt:P527 wd:Q47588;
        wdt:P1435 _:b3.
  ?article schema:about ?item ;
           schema:isPartOf <> .
and includes the ?article Wikipedia articles in the contest. Uploads on Commons could quite easily be included by adding something like this for a predefined set of properties :

  ?item wdt:P131*/^wdt:P527 wd:Q47588;
        wdt:P1435 _:b3.
  ?item wdt:P18 ?page .
or even:

  ?item wdt:P131*/^wdt:P527 wd:Q47588;
        wdt:P1435 _:b3.
  ?item ?prop ?page .
  FILTER(STRSTARTS(STR(?page), "http://commons"))
Adding support for awarding points to the addition of statements on Wikidata is more complex though, and perhaps not something I can add in time. When do you plan to run the contest? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:16, 21 abuztua 2019 (CEST)
The idea would be: giving points for creating or expanding those articles on eu.wikipedia AND giving points for adding images to those items on Commons. But not all items have a category in Commons, so the only way to track if someone also adds an image to an item without image would be tracking the addition of P18 AND P373 to the Wikidata item. I would like to make run this on september, with WLM... but it's a little bit late, maybe. If you can do it, this would be a definitive tool for WLM contests all over the world! -  Theklan ·   ·   20:37, 27 abuztua 2019 (CEST)

Hello again! I think this would be the code, isn't it? Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2019/WLM. How can we give points to the images uploaded to Commons? -  Theklan ·   ·   17:32, 28 abuztua 2019 (CEST)

I think so, yes. I have some time this weekend, so I'll see if I can add points for addition of wikidata statements. It would certainly be a good thing to have in UKBot also for other contests. Of course, unexpected problems may show up, so I won't promise anything, but I'll give it a try and we will see on Sunday what's working and not :) Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 00:39, 30 abuztua 2019 (CEST)
Great! We have all the month around to work on this! -  Theklan ·   ·   15:52, 30 abuztua 2019 (CEST)

Hello! I made this change at Wikidat on item Somera 25 etxea (Q65558992) but there is no change in the contest. -  Theklan ·   ·   17:17, 1 iraila 2019 (CEST)

Good, then I have some test data :) Yeah, it's not really ready yet, had to do some refactoring of old code first to avoid a complete mess, but I think we'll get there. Will post updates here. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 18:58, 1 iraila 2019 (CEST)
So I've set up a test page on Lankide:Danmichaelo/WLM_test#Emaitzak. There's still a bit of work left, but at least it's now able to track additions of statements through the new {{UKB puntuak|wikidata|...}} rule. As you see, Wikidata items show up as separate contributions. My first idea was to instead lump them together with the linked articles whenever one such existed, but the logic was much simpler this way. I will replace the IDs with labels though, to make it a bit more readable. Let me know if you see something important I'm missing at this point. We're also doing a WLM contest at no.wikipedia now btw., so I will test it there too. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:58, 2 iraila 2019 (CEST)
It looks great, and changing the Qs and Ps for human readable items would be great. I think that giving 5 points for adding a statement to Wikidata is too much. Giving 2 points would be enough, I figure. -  Theklan ·   ·   00:22, 3 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Yeah, that was my thinking as well. Btw. could you provide me translations for (a) "property" (for {{UKB puntuak|wikidata|property=...}} if you would like to translate the template argument, we could also leave it as "property"), (b) "N statements" (for the results page) and (c) "require reference" (this is going to be another template argument, not useful for this contest, but for future ones where you only want to award points for statements with references)? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:11, 3 iraila 2019 (CEST)
  • "property" would be "propietate".
  • "N statements" would be "N adierazpen" except if it is 1, then it would be "Adierazpen 1". Maybe you can write as "Number of statements: N" and it would be "Adierazpen kopurua: N".
  • "Require reference" would be "Erreferentzia behar du". --  Theklan ·   ·   11:45, 4 iraila 2019 (CEST)

I have updated the points system at Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2019/WLM -  Theklan ·   ·   21:07, 4 iraila 2019 (CEST)

Thanks. Will fix the localization tomorrow. Could you add wikidata to Txantiloi:UKB puntuak? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 01:27, 5 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Done! But I have invented the text, of course. -  Theklan ·   ·   12:02, 5 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Ok, no prob, I just added properties, but I'm not sure if I placed it in the correct place. For better formatting of the properties list, I have a Lua module at nowiki that we could consider porting (see no:Modul:UKB#Funksjonalitet_for_{{Ukens_konkurranse_poeng}}) Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 12:15, 5 iraila 2019 (CEST)
I added a "maxpoints" on wikidata points, because someone can have lots of points simply adding lots of photos to Wikidata, which is not the point. I think is the easiest way to limit it: the other one would be giving points ONLY if the statement does not exist. How do you see it? -  Theklan ·   ·   00:47, 6 iraila 2019 (CEST)
At least in the case of P18 and P373, but probably also in many other cases, I think it would actually be best to only give points when adding them to an item where they didn't exist from before, yes. That would be similar to setting initial limit=0 with UKB puntuak|irudia. We could definitely have it as an option, but perhaps it would also make sense to have it as the default. Then we could instead have an option like all=true for cases when you want to award all statements, not just the first. Does that make sense? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 09:08, 6 iraila 2019 (CEST)
It makes total sense. BUT, it would be interesting to give extra points if there wasn't any photography and the one added as a statement is from their own. -  Theklan ·   ·   09:23, 6 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Just found out that by mistake, I wrote the rule so that it already should only count the first statement (per property) :D Or did you see cases where people got points for adding multiple images? The second thing you mention, giving extra points "if there wasn't any photography", I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. Do you mean if there wasn't any image in the linked Wikipedia article? Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 10:33, 6 iraila 2019 (CEST)
I found extra points for uploading multiple image captions, not multiple images. I have put a limit to that (maxpoints) and it works. By "if there wans't any photography" I mean if there was no statement at all and the one given is a self-fame photography, but maybe it is quite more complex. -  Theklan ·   ·   10:35, 6 iraila 2019 (CEST)

Bot stoppedAldatu

Hello! It seem that the bot has stopped for the last two days. -  Theklan ·   ·   18:22, 8 iraila 2019 (CEST)

I'm seeing this error message:
File "/mnt/nfs/labstore-secondary-tools-project/ukbot/www/python/venv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/mwclient/", line 332, in handle_api_result
    info['error']['info'], info['error']['*'])
mwclient.errors.APIError: ('too-many-ids', 'Too many values supplied for parameter "ids". The limit is 50.', 'See for API usage. Subscribe to the mediawiki-api-announce mailing list at <> for notice of API deprecations and breaking changes.')
Tue Sep 10 10:03:19 UTC 2019 : Job eu (8267338) on finished with exit code 1
Is the list of items too big? -  Theklan ·   ·   12:15, 10 iraila 2019 (CEST)
I tested reducing the number of items, and it seem that the problem is that a participant can't have more than 50 items at the same time. -  Theklan ·   ·   19:22, 10 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Hi, sorry for my slow response here. Normal users are limited to 50 items a time, while bots are limited to 500. So UKBot tried fetching 500 at a time. But I didn't think of the fact that it doesn't have a bot flag on Wikidata! I should probably apply for one. But in the meantime, I reduced it to 50 to make it work again. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 10:38, 11 iraila 2019 (CEST)
Great! It works now! -  Theklan ·   ·   10:39, 11 iraila 2019 (CEST)

2020 contestsAldatu

Hello again Danmichaelo! We have been thinking on the monthly contests and we have an idea of making four simultaneous annual contests (from March to December). I think that this is technically possible, but I wanted to ask you if you can set them up when we have the pages ready. Thanks! -Theklan (eztabaida) 13:25, 3 otsaila 2020 (CET)

Hi! It might work, but the bot was initially made for weekly contests and is not really optimized for contests with a very large number of contributions (for instance, it re-checks all contributions for each update in case some contribution was deleted or does no longer fulfill the criteria, e.g. due to a category change), so it could certainly become quite slow at some point, and perhaps also run out of memory. There's things I could optimize to make it run better, but there is also the 2 MB page size limit which you could run into for the contest pages. If you will run into problems or not depends on the number of contributions of course, so it's hard to predict, but I think I would recommend doing shorter contests, perhaps 3-5 months. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 23:16, 4 otsaila 2020 (CET)
Would it be possible to run only once a day instead of every two hours, so the number of calculations is smaller? -Theklan (eztabaida) 10:18, 5 otsaila 2020 (CET)
Yes, but that won't help if we run into resource limits in terms of memory usage or page size limit. As for page size, it seems like the monthly contests tend to be around 150 kB, so if the amount of participation continues to be roughly the same, you might end up fine doing a 10 month contest. If not, we could remedy it by making the output less verbose (skipping details about each contribution). As for memory limits, I think we might have quite some headroom, but I don't have historical data on memory usage, so I don't know for sure. Shorter contests would be more safe play, but if you accept that there is some risk involved you can try 10 months. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 14:45, 5 otsaila 2020 (CET)
Making it less verbose would be a good solution. We don't need all the data given. -Theklan (eztabaida) 14:56, 5 otsaila 2020 (CET)

Hello! The four contests are now ready to go (we will start on March). You can see them here: Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020. The four contests are Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Funtsezkoak, Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Udalerriak, Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Emakumeak and Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Txikipedia. The third one can be more tricky, as it has to find articles about women. If you think it will be too heavy, we can imagine another way by adding the articles to a category based on the sex and using the infobox. Thanks! -Theklan (eztabaida) 22:49, 23 otsaila 2020 (CET)

Hello! Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Udalerriak is missing! Thanks! -Theklan (eztabaida) 13:01, 1 martxoa 2020 (CET)
Sorry, forgot about this. Will set it up later today. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 13:19, 1 martxoa 2020 (CET)
Thank you very much! -Theklan (eztabaida) 13:21, 1 martxoa 2020 (CET)
Just an extra closing } in the sparql query. Good to see that it picked up all the four contests. Btw. I noticed that the Basque localization is no longer working when running the bot from Toolforge (it worked when I ran it on my own computer). The eu_ES locale was missing from Toolforge hosts, so I made a request for adding it : Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 22:27, 1 martxoa 2020 (CET)
Thanks Danmichaelo. The contest Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2020/Emakumeak isn't counting the edits made at Wikidata. I don't know where the problem is. -Theklan (eztabaida) 21:26, 2 martxoa 2020 (CET)
@Theklan: Sorry, I missed this message! I disabled wikidata since I thought none of the contests used that. If some of the participants do automated editing on Wikidata with their normal account, it might pose a problem for UKBot to handle all the edits, but lets try and see how it goes. I've enabled it now. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 17:37, 12 martxoa 2020 (CET)
Thanks! -Theklan (eztabaida) 17:43, 12 martxoa 2020 (CET)

Only /Emakumeak is updatingAldatu

Hello! Only /Emakumeak constest is being updated! Thanks. -Theklan (eztabaida) 21:10, 8 ekaina 2020 (CEST)

I had a feeling such long-running contests would cause memory issues. This one is not trivial to fix, but will see if I can manage to optimize it in the weekend. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 00:33, 9 ekaina 2020 (CEST)
Could it be splitted somehow? Or even reset and adding the current count? -Theklan (eztabaida) 11:08, 9 ekaina 2020 (CEST)
Not very easily. The problem is that the it currently relies on being able to keep all contributions of a single user in memory, before filtering out which contributes to the contest and not. That works for most users, but for you it requires more than 2 GB memory ;) A more elegant design would be to keep only a few contributions in memory at the time, but since the bot needs to know about other contributions to the same article to be able to count each contribution correctly, and they do not necessarily follow each other, the contributions must then first be grouped by article to make this possible. I think I have a two-step design in mind, but it will be some work. Btw. will check if the memory limit can be increased even further now, it's possible that it can buy us some time. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 21:35, 9 ekaina 2020 (CEST)
Would it help splitting the contest into before 07/31 and after 07/31? -Theklan (eztabaida) 18:37, 7 iraila 2020 (CEST)

Completely stopAldatu

Hello! The bot seems to be stop since november 10th. We are finishing in a couple of weeks, it would be great to have the final results soon.

Thanks! -Theklan (eztabaida) 13:21, 24 azaroa 2020 (CET)

Running the bot during JulyAldatu

Hello! We are working on a new contest for July (this time it will be short!). It will be running here: Atari:Ondarea/WikiLovesBidea_2021. Some details are still missing, but I wanted to talk to you way before we start with it, so everything can be ready.

Thanks! Theklan (eztabaida) 17:04, 2 ekaina 2021 (CEST)

Could we run editing contests during 2022?Aldatu

Hello! We are thinking again on monthly editing contests, and I wonder if it would be possible to run the bot again. Thanks! Theklan (eztabaida) 10:58, 27 azaroa 2021 (CET)

Theklan, really sorry I've been so unresponsive for the past months, hope it didn't cause too much problems for you! Just some rough months, but I'm fine and planning to to get back to various Wikimedia projects now and continue to run UKBot, so let's discuss what's needed for running the contests in 2022. Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 14:31, 11 abendua 2021 (CET)
Hi and thanks for the answer! We are volunteers, so the first thing is taking care of ourselves. We were planning something like monthly contests as we did 3 years ago. They should be with a different Pagepile (but it can be done with a list of articles if this is more complex) every month. Let me know if we can do it, and I will start with the planning. Theklan (eztabaida) 15:00, 11 abendua 2021 (CET)
Sounds like a good idea! UKBot doesn't support reading from Pagepile yet, but that should be fairly easy to add and shouldn't be a problem to find time to do it in the coming weeks, so let's plan for that! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 17:30, 11 abendua 2021 (CET)
Adding it from Pagepile was a way to do it fastly, but, actually, is better to have the list locally, because we can see which articles are missing or need to be improved better. I'll start with the contest creation this monday, I think. I will keep you informed! Thanks!!! Theklan (eztabaida) 19:11, 11 abendua 2021 (CET)
Hello! This is the first one! They will follow the same pattern: Atari:Hezkuntza/Lehiaketak/2022/01. We will start the first day of each month and will end the last day. Thanks! Theklan (eztabaida) 12:35, 13 abendua 2021 (CET)
Looks good, will check tomorrow if the bot is running! Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 12:47, 31 abendua 2021 (CET)
Thanks! We'll see if tomorrow someone is editing. Happy new year! Theklan (eztabaida) 12:52, 31 abendua 2021 (CET)
Hello! The bot seems to stop (mainly because I have made a bulk of edits at Wikidata). I have deleted myself from the list, but it shouldn't be fetching wikidata, isnt' it? Theklan (eztabaida) 13:12, 18 urtarrila 2022 (CET)