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Urtea Filma Pertsonaia
1972 The Honkers Deborah Moon
1972 Cancel My Reservation Crazy Hollister
1973 The All-American Boy Drenna Valentine
1973 The Blue Knight Laila
1974 The Mark of Zorro Teresa
1975 The Log of the Black Pearl Lila Bristol
1976 A Matter of Wife... And Death Carol
1976 The Dark Side of Innocence Nora Hancock Mulligan
1976 Trackdown Barbara
1976 Lifeguard Cathy
1978 Good Guys Wear Black Margaret
1978 Paradise Alley Annie
1978 The Pirates Jordana Mason
1980 Hero at Large Jolene Marsh
1980 Raise the Titanic Dana Archibald
1981 Green Ice Holbrook
1982 Waltz Across Texas Gail Weston
1984 The Naked Face Ann Blake
1984 The Sky's No Limit Susan Keith Browning doktorea
1985 Too Scared to Scream Kate Bridges
1986 The Check is in the Mail Peggy Jackson
1987 Fatal Attraction Beth Gallagher
1987 A Different Affair
1988 Leap of Faith Debby Franke Ogg
1990 Love at Large Miss Dolan
1990 Narrow Margin Carol Hunnicut
1990 Eminent Domain Mira Borski
1992 Patriot Games Cathy Ryan
1992 The Last of His Tribe Henriette Kroeber
1992 Nails Mary Niles
1993 Body of Evidence Joanne Braslow
1993 Family Prayers Rita Jacobs
1993 Short Cuts Claire Kane
1994 Clear and Present Danger Cathy Muller Ryan
1994 Jane's House Mary Parker
1994 There Goes My Baby Narratzailea
1994 Because Mommy Works Abby
1995 The Man in the Attic Krista Heldmann
1996 Mojave Moon Julie Rigby
1996 Jake's Women Maggie
1998 Indiscretion of an American Wife Julia Burton
1998 My Husband's Secret Life Theresa "Sissy" Sullivan
1998 Nico the Unicorn Julie Hastings
2000 Innocents Beryl Denright
2000 Whispers: An Elephant's Tale Gentle Heart
2000 Rules of Engagement Mourain andrea
2000 The Art of War Eleanor Hooks
2002 The Gray in Between Ursula
2002 Night of the Wolf Claire McNichol
2003 Uncle Nino Marie Micelli
2004 November Carol Jacobs
2005 Man of the House Molly McCarthy irakaslea
2005 The Iris Effect Sarah Hathaway
2006 Cut Off Louise
2006 End Game Lehen Dama
2007 Judicial Indiscretion Monica Barrett
2008 Family Practice Helena Kinglare
2008 Felon Maggie
2009 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Vonda Volkom
2014 Lullaby Rachel

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