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Baimen eskaerak (Requests for approval) aldatu

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: MarcoAurelio
  • Bestelako informazioa: Standard bot to fix double and broken redirects. Flagged at multiple projects. Bot edit summaries are in euskara if they're avalaible, if not, they'll fallback to spanish. Please help translate those summaries.

--MarcoAurelio (eztabaida) 19:39, 26 abuztua 2016 (UTC)


  Egina. --Xabier Armendaritz   2016-08-26, 23:40 (UTC)

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Zuiarra
  • Erabilitako programa: Pywikipedia

--Zuiarra (eztabaida) 19:09, 6 uztaila 2018 (UTC)


  Egina: bot baimena du dagoeneko. --Xabier Armendaritz   2018-07-06, 19:21 (UTC)

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Urtar
  • Erabilitako programa: Pywikibot
  • Bestelako informazioa: Euskaltzaindiaren esteka zaharrak eguneratzea da nire lana.

-Urtar (eztabaida) 10:15, 7 abendua 2018 (UTC)


  Egina: baimena du dagoeneko.

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Debenben (and Salix_alba responsible for English speaking projects)
  • Bestelako informazioa: See w:en:WP:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Texvc2LaTeXBot, phab:T197925, mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap and phab:T195861 for a more detailed description of the bot and the associated migration project. Unfortunately we do not speak Basque, so it would be nice if we could get some help in translating the edit summary (can I use "Ordezkatu zaharkitua math sintaxia arabera mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap"). Also feel free to join our commission to discuss the proposed improvements to the math extension. The total number of affected pages is less than 50 on euwiki currently and should not become significantly larger.

--Debenben (eztabaida) 12:54, 21 abendua 2018 (UTC)

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Danmichaelo
  • Erabilitako programa: Python
  • Bestelako informazioa: Need a bot flag to increase the number of pages that can be queried per request from 50 to 500. The source code of ukbot is available at

--Danmichaelo (eztabaida) 19:35, 2 maiatza 2020 (CEST)[Erantzun]


  Egina: bot baimena du dagoeneko.

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: en:User:Cyberpower678 and User:Harej
  • Erabilitako programa: PHP
  • Egindako probak: Bot is approved to run on dozens of additional wikis
  • Bestelako informazioa: InternetArchiveBot tags dead links and adds archival versions where available. The bot also adds links to books where appropriate.

Harej (eztabaida) 22:10, 20 urtarrila 2021 (CET)[Erantzun]


  Egina @Harej, Cyberpower678: done -Theklan (eztabaida) 10:21, 9 otsaila 2021 (CET)[Erantzun]

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Dušan Kreheľ
  • Erabilitako programa: PHP, Wikimate and my custom code.
  • Bestelako informazioa: I want to perform the tasks listed on the bot user page.

--Dušan Kreheľ (eztabaida) 05:53, 8 ekaina 2022 (CEST)[Erantzun]


  Egina. @Dušan Kreheľ: done. --Xabier Armendaritz   2022-06-08, 09:04 (UTC)

  • Kontrolatuko duen lankidea: Dušan Kreheľ
  • Erabilitako programa: PHP, Wikimate and my custom code.

--Dušan Kreheľ (eztabaida) 13:25, 26 ekaina 2022 (CEST)[Erantzun]