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== Improving the translation support for the Basque Wikipedia ==
[[:mw:Content translation|Content translation]] has been successful in supporting the translation process on many Wikipedia communities, and we want to help additional wikis with potential to grow using translation as part of [[:mw:Content translation/Boost|a new initiative]].
Content translation facilitates the creation of Wikipedia articles by translating content from other languages. It has been used already to create more than half a million articles. In addition, the tool provides [[:mw:Help:Content translation/Translating/Translation quality|mechanisms to encourage the creation of good quality content]], preventing the publication of lightly edited machine translations. In general, our analysis shows that the translations produced are [[:mw:Content_translation/Deletion_statistics_comparison|less likely to be deleted than the articles started from scratch]].
Basque Wikipedia editors have used Content translation to create [[Special:CXStats|more than 2600 articles]]. Given the size of the editing community, we think that there is potential to use translation to create more articles, expand existing ones, and attract new editors that learn how to make productive edits. Translation can help the community to reduce the language gap with other languages and grow the number of editors in a sustainable way. In order to achieve this goal, we want to collaborate with you to make Content translation more visible in the Basque Wikipedia and support new ways to translate.
As a first step, during the next weeks we plan to enable Content translation by default on the Basque Wikipedia. That will make it easy for users to discover the tool [[:mw:Help:Content_translation/Starting|through several entry points]]. However, users not interested in translation will still be able to disable it from their preferences.
Please feel free to share any comment in this conversation thread.
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