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:::::{{u|Judith Sunrise}}, I checked out Megaminx, and I think it is now fine. "berrantolatu" is indeed weird. It should be "ebatzi", "ebazteko", etc. Google is not very reliable for Basque translation, so its translations need a review. Regards [[Lankide:Iñaki LL|Iñaki LL]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Iñaki LL|eztabaida]]) 14:02, 11 martxoa 2019 (UTC)
:::::: {{u|Iñaki LL}} The [[Rubiken mendekua]] article used "berrantolaketako", so that's where I got it from. I see you now also changed it there - Thanks! I try to avoid Google-translate for English-to-Basque translation (or any other language for that matter) only for Basque-to-English so I understand what it's talking about. I tend to just roam Wikipedia in various languages, look at speedcubing-related articles and update all outdated world-records that I find. [[Lankide:Judith Sunrise|Judith Sunrise]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Judith Sunrise|eztabaida]]) 00:07, 12 martxoa 2019 (UTC)
== Meeting in Gasteiz with an Italian wikipedian ==
Hi all, and first of all sorry if I write you in English. I'm [[User:CristianNX|Cristian]], an Italian wikipedian. For work I will stay in Vitoria-Gasteiz until 12nd of August, and I would like to meet some Euskarian wikipedian! It would be good to talk a little about the different communities and the different enciclopedias in front of a glass of beer or wine. Furthermore, I would like to propose the idea of organizing a [[:meta:Writing week/German-speaking Community of Belgium|writing week]] about Euskadi, in order to spread the Basque culture also on the other linguistic editions of Wikipedia. If someone will be interested and available, please [[Lankide eztabaida:CristianNX|contact me]]! --[[Lankide:CristianNX|CristianNX]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:CristianNX|eztabaida]]) 16:34, 26 uztaila 2019 (CEST)