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Etiketa: 2017 wikitestu editorearekin
:Hi {{u|Judith Sunrise}}, I took a look at it. In these cases, we try to make explicit the first time what the proper name is and the next times avoid the hyphen. Another possibility, re SacCubing IV, is that IV is "lau", so add the letter K to it, i.e. IVk, and that is enough. "Parkek" is fine, the same goes for similar cases, but it is recommended to make explicit the description of the proper noun the first time, e.g. "Max Park jokalaria<u>k</u>". Ondo segi! [[Lankide:Iñaki LL|Iñaki LL]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Iñaki LL|eztabaida]]) 13:51, 7 martxoa 2019 (UTC)
:: Thank you very much, {{u|Iñaki LL}} - I maybe understood half of what you said (I really, really have no idea about your language). How does the article [[Megaminx]] look? I had problems with the time format and ended up copying the format from the 4x4 article. Does this work? Are they any major errors? Thank you! [[Lankide:Judith Sunrise|Judith Sunrise]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Judith Sunrise|eztabaida]]) 23:45, 8 martxoa 2019 (UTC)
::: {{u|Judith Sunrise}} If you use a link for [[proper noun]]s, you doshould not need the hyphen either. I went through all the text, I do not understand the meaning of "berrantolatu/tzeko" here (English text "solve") here, it looks as if it weremeant how many times he made it in 32 seconds? Other than that it looks good to me. [[Lankide:Iñaki LL|Iñaki LL]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Iñaki LL|eztabaida]]) 07:53, 9 martxoa 2019 (UTC)