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'''Michael Praed''', jaiotzez '''Michael David Prince''' ([[1960]]ko [[apirilaren 1]]a, [[Berkeley (Gloucestershire)|Berkeley]], [[Gloucestershire]]) [[ingeles (herria)|ingeles]] [[antzerki]], [[telebista]] eta [[zinema]]ko [[aktore]] eta ahots bikoiztaile bat da.
Nagusiki ''[[Robin of Sherwood (telesaila)|Robin of Sherwood]]'' telesailan [[Robin Hood]] pertsonaia antzezteagatik ezaguna da. Bere Prince jaiotze abizena [[kornubiera]]z "[[larre]]" esan nahi duen ''Praed'' abizen edo hitzarengatik aldatu zuen.
== Filmografia hautatua ==
=== Telebista ===
* [[Robin Hood]] in ''[[Robin of Sherwood (telesaila)|Robin of Sherwood]]'' (1984–85)
* [[Prince Michael of Moldavia]] in ''[[Dynasty (telesaila)|Dynasty]]'' (1985–86)
* Frank Clayton in [[Emmerdale]] (2016-)
=== Antzerkia ===
* Frederick in the [[Joseph Papp]] production of the musical ''[[The Pirates of Penzance]]'', [[Theatre Royal Drury Lane]] - London (1982–83)
* D'Artagnan in the revival of Rudolf Friml's ''[[The Three Musketeers (musical)|The Three Musketeers]]'', Broadway Theatre - New York City (1985)
* Alex in [[Andrew Lloyd Webber]]'s musical ''[[Aspects of Love]]'' at the Prince of Wales Theatre - London (1991–92)
* Mick in [[Harold Pinter]]'s ''[[The Caretaker]]'' at the Nottingham Playhouse - Nottingham (1993)
* Evan Davies in [[Daphne du Maurier]]'s ''September Tide'' with [[Susannah York]] at the Comedy Theatre - London (1994)
* Otto in [[Noël Coward]]'s ''[[Design for Living]]'' with [[Rachel Weisz]] at the Gielgud Theatre - London (1995)
* Tony/Stephen in [[Barry Manilow]]'s ''Copacabana: The Musical'', first tour of Britain (1996–97)
* Milo Tindle in [[Anthony Shaffer (writer)|Anthony Shaffer's]] ''[[Sleuth (play)|Sleuth]]'' with [[Simon MacCorkindale]], tour of Britain (2008)
* Sir Robert Chiltern in [[Oscar Wilde]]'s ''[[An Ideal Husband]]'' with [[Kate O'Mara]], [[Carol Royle]], [[Robert Duncan (actor)|Robert Duncan]], [[Fenella Fielding]], and [[Tony Britton]], tour of Britain (2008)
* Randall Kelly in James Farewell's ''The Murder Game'' with [[Josefina Gabrielle]] at [[The King's Head Theatre]] - London (2009)
* Captain Von Trapp in ''[[The Sound of Music]]'' with [[Connie Fisher]] and [[Margaret Preece]] - UK National Tour (2009–2011)
* Dexter Haven in ''High Society'' with [[Sophie Bould]] and [[Daniel Boys]] - UK National Tour and Ireland (January - August 2013)
* George Herbert in ''The War Of The Worlds'' musical with [[Madalena Alberto]], [[Heidi Range]], [[David Essex]], [[Jimmy Nail]] and [[Daniel Bedingfield]] at the [[Dominion Theatre]] (2016).<ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.londontheatredirect.com/news/1733/Casting-Announced-For-Jeff-Wayne-s-Musical-Phenomenon-The-War-Of-The-Worlds-With-Liam-Neeson-In-3D-Hologram.aspx|title= Casting Announced For Jeff Wayne's Musical Phenomenon The War Of The Worlds With Liam Neeson In 3D Hologram|publisher=London Theatre Direct|accessdate=24 January 2016|date=21 January 2016|author=Porteous, Jacob}}</ref>
=== Zinema ===
* Royd Erris in an adaptation of [[George R. R. Martin]]'s ''Nightflyers'' (1987)
* Max Schrek in the vampire flick ''Son of Darkness: To Die For 2'' (1991)
* Andrew in ''Writer's Block'' with [[Morgan Fairchild]] (1991)
* Gary in ''Staggered'' with [[Martin Clunes]] (1994)
* The Hitman in ''[[Darkness Falls (1999 film)|Darkness Falls]]'' with [[Ray Winstone]] (1999)
* The Queen in ''Nine Dead Gay Guys'' (2002)
* Himself in the documentary ''[[The King's Head Theatre|The King's Head: A Maverick in London]]'' (2006)
=== Bikoizketa ===
* Narrated ''Venus in Furs'' by [[Leopold von Sacher-Masoch]] for Erotic Classics (1989, reissued 1994)
* Professor Slyde in the [[List of Doctor Who audio plays by Big Finish|Big Finish audio drama]] ''[[Doctor Who]]'': ''[[The Dark Flame]]'' (2003)
* Narrated [[Stephen Clarke (writer)|Stephen Clarke]]'s ''A Year In The Merde'' (2005)
* Narrated [[Paul Stewart (writer)|Paul Stewart's]] ''Beyond the Deepwoods'' (2005)
* Narrator of [[BBC]] TV's ''[[The Wild West (TV series)|The Wild West]]'' documentary mini-series (2007)
* Soris in the B7 Media/SciFi Channel UK podcast of the [[Blake's 7]] adventure ''Rebel'' (2007)
* Co-narrator on the [[Oneword]] radio series ''Mills & Boon at the Weekend'' (2006–2008)
* Ladiver in the Big Finish audio drama adaptation of the 1960s ''Doctor Who'' stage play, ''[[The Curse of the Daleks#Audio_adaptationAudio adaptation|The Curse of the Daleks]]'' (2008)
* Regular narrator of [[BBC]] TV's ''[[Timewatch]]'' documentary series (2003–09)
== Erreferentziak ==
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