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Orrialde hau norbaitek [[Wikipedia:ISBN]] lotura batean klik egiten duen bakoitzean kargatzen da. Orrialde honetan agertzen den MAGICNUMBER bakoitza erabiltzaileak bilatzen duen ISBN zenbakiarengatik aldatuko da automatikoki.
This page is fetched whenever a user clicks an [[Wikipedia:ISBN]] link in an article. Each instance of MAGICNUMBER on this page is replaced with the ISBN number the user looks for.
This page links to catalogs of libraries, booksellers, and other book sources where you will be able to search for the book by its [[International Standard Book Number]] (ISBN).
* An ISBN registration, even one corresponding to a book page on a major book distributor database, is ''not'' definite proof that such a book actually exists. A title may have been cancelled or postponed after the ISBN was assigned. Check to see if the book exists or not.<!-- -->{{#ifeq:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|Wikipedia:Book sources||<nowiki/>
* The master copy of this page is located at [[Wikipedia:Book sources]].}}
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