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Iepa! Ba hori egiten zuen botak jada ez du funtzionatzen, phython bertsioak eta medio. Beraz orain sortzekotan eskuz sortu beharko lirateke. Gainera Korsikako udalak ere ezin ziren sortu INSEE kodean letra bat dagoelako (2AXXX eta 2BXXX). -[[Lankide:Theklan|Theklan]] · [[Fitxategi:Icons-mini-comment new.gif|Eztabaida|18px|link=Lankide eztabaida:Theklan]] · [[Fitxategi:Mail-closed.svg|18px|E-maila|link=Aparteko:Emailuser/Theklan]] 20:06, 6 martxoa 2016 (UTC)
== Invitation from Wikipedia Asian Month ==
Hey An13sa!, I'm Addis Wang, one of the organizers of the [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month]]. Wikipedia Asian Month is the one the largest event on Wikipedia and the largest Asian collaboration of Wikipedia. We really wish that Basques Wikipedia can join us, thus I would like to invite you to help organize the Wikipedia Asian Month event on Basques Wikipedia in Wikipedia Asian Month. There is not much thing you need to do on your side but as we using Central Notice, Basques Wikipedia can benefit from it. It could be a good chance to attract new users and maintain the community health. We currently have and Spanish edition of WAM which could make your translation effort easier. [[m:User_talk:AddisWang|Please let me know]] what do you think, or any question, thought and concerns. Thanks for your consideration. --[[Lankide:AddisWang|AddisWang]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:AddisWang|eztabaida]]) 01:39, 8 azaroa 2016 (UTC)
:For organizing the WAM on Basques Wikipedia, you need to do these three steps:
:# Set up the event page. [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month/Sample|Here is the sample page that you can use]].
:# Translate the Central Notice [https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Translate&group=Centralnotice-tgroup-WAM_2016&filter= at here]
:# There could be some other updates, so I will put you on the organizer list to ensure you receive that.
:At the end of the event, just use the judging tool and marks the articles you think it fulfill the rules.
:We will send you an additional postcard to thank you organize the event. This year, our postcards will come from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philipines, Japan, South Korea, India, and Bangladesh.