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::Pour le contexte, il s'agit d'ajouter semi-automatiquement des descriptions sur des éléments Wikidata qui n'ont pas encore de description. Du coup, dernière confirmation, pour [[d:Q22262418]] la description serait « Jacob Bogdaniren margolana » et pour [[d:Q22920028]] : « William Hogarthen margolana ».
::Cdlt, [[Lankide:VIGNERON|VIGNERON]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:VIGNERON|eztabaida]]) 15:08, 25 maiatza 2016 (UTC)
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<div class="mw-content-ltr">Hi. I can see that this project has old JavaScript that needs to be updated. I would happily make the required updates myself, but I would have to – at least temporarily – become an admin here to do that (because the relevant pages are in the MediaWiki namespace). I have already made these updates on a number of other projects, so it would be very easy for me to do this. If no one does anything, some JavaScript-related tools will break later this year. If you want me to make these updates, you can grant me admin rights and I will make the updates as soon as I can. [[Lankide:Nirmos|Nirmos]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Nirmos|eztabaida]]) 22:29, 2 ekaina 2016 (UTC)</div>