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[[Fitxategi:Murgiako eliza.jpg|thumb|300px|Murgia's centre]]
'''Murgia'''<ref name=eoda>Euskaltzaindia: [http://www.euskaltzaindia.net/index.php?option=com_eoda&Itemid=478&lang=eu&nonkodea= Zuia toponimoa], Euskal Onomastikaren Datutegia.</ref> It is a village to the northNorth of [[Álava]], located in [[Zuia's group]]. In addition, it is one of the villages that make [[Zuia's municipity]]. It is the biggest village of the municipity and there are the local government and most of the services.
Murgia was a group of villages. Historically, the population has situated to the both side of the road in Murgia. Nowadays, however, the road is denominated Domingo Sautu street, and the village has spread out to the sides. Goba river differentiate The Cross neighborhood ("The Neighborhood") and the same centre of the village.