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Eskerrik Asko.
== Inactive bot on nds.wp ==
Hello TXiKi,
Your bot TXiKiBoT is flagged with the 'bot' user-right on [[:nds:|nds.wp]]. It has formerly been active with maintaining interwiki links. Thank you for your work! After the deployment of Wikidata there is no need for interwiki bots anymore. If you plan to use your bot for tasks other than interwiki maintenance in the future, please go to your bot's local nds.wp userpage and state what kind of tasks your bot will do in the future. Otherwise the bot flag of your account will be removed one month from now. If you don't plan to use your bot account on nds.wp anymore you don't have to do anything. If you want to keep your bot flag to do other tasks but don't plan to start with these tasks immediately please post a road map on your nds.wp userpage. If you signal interest in keeping your bot flag but fail to take up activity in the time until three months from now, your bot flag will also be removed. Thank you for your understanding. --[[Lankide:Slomox|Slomox]] ([[Lankide eztabaida:Slomox|eztabaida]]) 14:49, 26 apirila 2013 (UTC)