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* Taylor, D.L. i Bruns, T.D. (1997): ''Ectomycorrhizal mutualism by two nonphotosynthetic orchids''. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA; vol. 94, pp. 4510-4515, abril 1997 ([http://plantbio.berkeley.edu/~bruns/papers/taylor1997b.html en línia]).
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Welcome to Nicolas Cleans
We are a licensed and insured cleaning services provider.
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Our friendly staff has been providing our Orange County customers with cleaning services for residential dwellings and commercial properties since 2003.
We specialize in providing affordable, reliable cleaning and maintenance services for:
+ Commercial: Office Buildings, Office Suites, Construction Job Site Clean-Up, Janitorial/Maintenance.
+ Residential: House, Condominium, Apartment, Rental Property, Vacation Property.
We offer flexible scheduling with competitive rates available for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service and maintenance, depending on your needs and budget.
Ask us about our 24-Hour cleaning services. Were available for around-the-clock service as needed!!!
Do you have a question about our cleaning services? Please contact us by e-mail for more information. Or, call 949-305 -3129 (office), or 949-3053129 (cell/voice mail) to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.
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Option 1.) $50 FIRST-TIME RESIDENTIAL CLEANING: Includes - One (1) Bedroom; Living Room plus FREE cleaning in the following areas: Kitchen (Outside oven, refrigerator); Bathroom
Option 2.) $70 FIRST-TIME RESIDENTIAL CLEANING: Includes - Two (2) Rooms plus FREE cleaning in the following areas: Kitchen (Outside oven, refrigerator); Bathroom
Print and present the online coupon for the respective promotion of your choice to a supervisor at time of your initial in-home consultation to receive this special discounted services rate.
Please click here or see our "Promotions" link above for more details.
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"Fantastic service...always courteous...we recommend this company to anyone." Jane W. (Mission Viejo, CA)
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With the stress and pressures everyone endures on a daily basis (long work hours, social commitments, family), we understand that cleanliness and organization is an important factor for maintaining quality of life.
Therefore, we will stand by our guarantee and honor our original quote provided upon initial consultation, no matter the condition of the area(a) we are expected to clean and maintain.
Please contact us by e-mail or call 949-305 - 3129 for more information about our guarantee and related policies
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